6 Reasons Why Amaryllis Flowers Are The Perfect Holiday Gift

The holiday season is upon us once more. And this year, perhaps more than ever, there is an acceptance that presence is more important than presents. Then again, we all need to feel the love of our friends and family to ensure that this immensely testing year can end on a positive note. If you’re still searching for the ultimate gift for the nature-loving loved one in your life, Amaryllis flowers are the answer… and here are just six reasons that prove it!

1. They signal a unique and heartfelt gift

When looking at potential gift ideas, you naturally want something that shows you care. After all, the interactions with friends and family have been the key to maintaining your sanity throughout this challenging year. Did you know that, according to Greek mythology, the Amaryllis Flower sprung up from the blood of the nymph Amaryllis? It already shows that this is a plant that will provide a talking point in your loved one’s home…and there’s more.

The mythological creature Amaryllis is associated with wild passion while the etymology of the word stems from the word meaning “to sparkle”. The stunning flowers are certain to do just that the moment they have been planted by the recipient.

Flowers and plants always make unique gifts underpinned by big sentimental statements. When you want to show how much you care in a powerful way, Amaryllis flowers are one of the best options by far.

2. They’re beautiful, striking, and exotic

All flowers are beautiful and can add something new to your loved one’s garden or backyard spaces. However, Amaryllis flowers deliver an extra special appeal to the home environment because they are a real triple-threat… they are strikingly beautiful, have an exciting backstory, and boast the versatility to complement any outside layout.

If you have ever visited your local plant retailer or gardening outlet, Amaryllis flowers were probably among the very select genera of flowering bulbs to grab your attention regardless of whether you were specifically looking at plants.

Put simply: they are an unforgettable flower… and, therefore, an unforgettable gift that the recipient will truly cherish.

3. They’ll aid your loved one’s general wellbeing

Adjusting to the new norm hasn’t been easy, and we are all now equipped with a newfound appreciation of a happy home environment. Garden spaces add a whole new dimension to our properties, allowing you to embrace the sights, smells, and tranquility of the great outdoors. It is no exaggeration to state that beautiful gardens are a central ingredient in the recipe for physical and mental wellbeing at this time. Amaryllis flowers take those winning vibes to new heights.

Perhaps more tellingly, Amaryllis flowers are extremely versatile. They won’t just survive in internal spaces, they’ll thrive in them. Therefore, they make a wonderful addition to apartments and homes that aren’t blessed with garden spaces. Given the amount of time that your loved one now spends at home, that added cheer is highly beneficial.

Aside from the direct joys that the beautiful flowers bring, they will be a continued reminder of your friendship. And that’s sure to raise a smile too.

4. They’re perfect for beginner gardeners

Gardening is a hobby that has seen a major spike in popularity this year, with millions of people getting their fingers as a way to stay active, pass the time, and enhance their homes. Fun fact: studies have shown that 86% of homeowners plan to continue gardening in 2021. If you’re looking for a gift that improves a loved one’s new hobby, Amaryllis flowers are a particularly great addition for inexperienced gardeners.

Amaryllis flowers are notoriously low-maintenance. In fact, the wax bulb versions are the very definition of zero-maintenance. That means zero pampering, zero watering (unless kept inside), and zero soil. This allows your loved ones to enjoy their full beauty, even if they aren’t the most skilled gardener in America.

Best of all, Amaryllis flowers will flower all year, ensuring that they are the gift that keeps giving. Oh, and they can live for up to 75 years too. Perfect!

5. They’re great for advanced gardens too

While the low-to-zero-maintenance attributes certainly make Amaryllis flowers an excellent addition to beginner gardens. However, you must avoid the threat of assuming they are little more than a “junior gardener’s plant” that leads to better solutions in future years. They make equally incredible gifts for experienced gardeners looking for a vibrant addition that can inject a new lease of life into an outside space that has become a little tired and weary.

Quick question: how many varieties of Amaryllis flowers do you think exist? Answer: over 600. With so many moss bulbs, glitter bulbs, and wax bulbs available, you should have no problem finding an option that the recipient will fall in love with time and time again. Denvers, Boleros, and Minervas highlight the range of petal colors available too.

Amaryllis flowers do not take up vast amounts of garden space, yet their influence on the overall appearance and atmosphere of the garden is huge. That is a winning combination in any advanced gardener’s account and shows that you’ve truly thought about the choice of flowers rather than taking the easy option.

6. They’re fun

Spoiler alert: 2020 hasn’t been much fun. However, Amaryllis flowers can restore a little enjoyment into your loved one’s life. Aside from brightening up the home and delivering heartfelt messages, they can be arranged in many different ways and in conjunction with an extensive range of additional plants. Regardless of those choices relating to the supporting cast, the Amaryllis flowers are sure to grab center stage as table decorations or garden displays.

As well as being a great flower for their initial blooms and distinct characteristics, it should be noted that their tall standing stalks and big flower heads make it a pretty easy task to grow new plants from cuttings. Crucially, your loved one will be guaranteed to see the same explosively vibrant colors from the offspring.

Who knows… maybe in a few years from now you’ll receive one of those plants in return!

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